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Mystery, Romance, and a few Bad Manners.

“You’re readers are dying off. Half of them are in rigor mortis.”

It is Nicholas Harlow’s opinion that his brother is an obstinate fathead. Edward’s Aunt Civility etiquette books may be selling now, but without marketing and publicity to grow an audience, he’ll be as obsolete as the custom of men standing when ladies enter the room.

And so Nicholas tricks his brother into a speaking event. Edward’s former (and hated) college English professor shows up, and when the man dies in a spectacularly public fashion, Edward is the natural suspect.

Welcome from Jackie

Hello there, and welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Have a look around. 

Okay. You want to know up front what to expect. I get it.  There’s mystery, of course. Romance, except for Father McAllister. Poor Father McAllister.  My books won’t leave you with graphic images of sex or violence seared into your memory. However, there are occasional swear words, usually uttered by the gruffer males of the species. 

The Frankie Chandler, Harlow Brothers, and Wilder Women books are fun romps. Evan Miller and Father McAllister have a few issues to deal with, but nothing that’s going to give you nightmares. Demons have a, well, demonic view of the world, but I gave An Unhealthy Attachment to my 78-year-old neighbor, and she didn’t faint. In face, she like the book. So, I think I can safely say that you’ll enjoy their company, too. 

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