Jacqueline Vick

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No good deed goes unpunished.

Brothers Edward and Nicholas run into murder at Inglenook resort…again.  Edward is asked to be the celebrity guest for a fundraising weekend, and the festivities begin with a masked costume ball. When a board member is found with Edward’s Zorro sword between his shoulder blades, all bets are off as the brothers work to solve the crime. This time, the cost may be too high.

The always gracious Janet Elizabeth Lynn and Will Zeilinger allowed me to place this video on my web page. The interview was extremely pleasant because they are both nice people. (When they aren’t putting their own characters through the ringer!) In this interview, I answer the oft-asked question, “Do you write cozies?” Check out the couple’s other author interviews on their YouTube channel.

The fourth pet psychic mystery is here!

First impressions are everything!

Having run out of excuses, Frankie Chandler reluctantly agrees meet Bowers’ sisters. The ones who who guard “baby brother” like a pack of Dobermans. The ones she is sure are going to hate her.

Just after arriving at his eldest sister June’s homestead, she discovers a murdered farmhand.  Will the sisters hold it against her? Or is one of them the killer?


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