The fourth pet psychic mystery is here!

First impressions are everything!

Having run out of excuses, Frankie Chandler reluctantly agrees meet Bowers’ sisters. The ones who who guard “baby brother” like a pack of Dobermans. The ones she is sure are going to hate her.

Just after arriving at his eldest sister June’s homestead, she discovers a murdered farmhand.  Will the sisters hold it against her? Or is one of them the killer?


What's a "not quite cozy" mystery?

Cozies are filled with happy characters who wear smiles in public. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE cozies. Anyone want to trade Joanna Fluke recipes? 

My characters, however, tend to be on the cranky side. Like real life. And they’re dealing with messes. 

What kind of problems are they having? A perfectly happy fake pet psychic whose mind is suddenly invaded by a dog who witnessed a murder. An exorcist who struggles with a demonic attachment. Quarreling brothers forced to work together. A reclusive crime reporter surrounded by nosy neighbors.

And then if life isn’t bad enough, here comes a corpse.

There are occasional swear words, but if you’ve ever read an Agatha Christie, you’ll be fine.  

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