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Mystery, Romance, and a few Bad Manners.

“You’re readers are dying off. Half of them are in rigor mortis.”

It is Nicholas Harlow’s opinion that his brother is an obstinate fathead. Edward’s Aunt Civility etiquette books may be selling now, but without marketing and publicity to grow an audience, he’ll be as obsolete as the custom of men standing when ladies enter the room.

And so Nicholas tricks his brother into a speaking event. Edward’s former (and hated) college English professor shows up, and when the man dies in a spectacularly public fashion, Edward is the natural suspect.

Welcome from Jackie

Have you ever had one of those days where everything stinks, and you think it couldn’t possibly get worse? And then it does? 

I’m glad you can relate. Welcome to the world inhabited by my characters. What kind of problems are they having? A perfectly happy fake pet psychic whose mind is suddenly invaded by a dog who witnessed a murder. An exorcist who struggles with a demonic attachment. Quarreling brothers forced to work together.

And then if life isn’t bad enough, here comes a corpse. 

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