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What this blog is about


As a mystery writer, I read a lot of books. A LOT of books. Most of them are mysteries, but not all. I love finding new authors to read, as my favorite authors can only write so fast (and some of them are dead. No new books there.) One of the saddest things is getting down to the last few books in my reading pile. 

So, I’m going to post reviews to help you discover new authors. (And, quite frankly, to avoid the occasional horrors.) 

I’ll also be tempted to add some life stuff and things that relate to my own books – pet stuff, tips on civil behavior, and whatever else might come up in my research. 

Read on, and feel free to comment. 

About Author

Jacqueline Vick

After trying her hand at various jobs including telemarketer for a funeral home, Jacqueline Vick combined satirical humor and the quirks of her ginger mutt to create the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic mysteries. In addition to mystery novels, she is the author of numerous novellas, short stories, screenplays and articles.