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The Author Behind the Books – Thonie Hevron

I’m back with another Author Behind the Books Interview with Thonie Hevron. As always, I’ll alert my guests to comments so they can respond, so feel free to ask questions or leave comments. 

I’ll let Thonie tell you a bit about herself:

I’m a native Northern Californian, born in San Francisco, raised in Mill Valley. I’m the oldest of three Army brat girls who lived in Germany for several years. I got into law enforcement on a dare in 1973 and put in thirty-five years as a civilian member of municipal and one county police/sheriff agency. My first novel was By Force or Fear, written after my retirement in 2011. It and all three following novels are award winners in the Public Safety Writers Association Writing Contest. Book five is in the planning stages.

And where can we reach you? 

My website is thoniehevron.com. I blog, often interviewing authors. I’ve also got a section called, “Street Stories.” It’s written by law enforcement veterans, mostly Los Angeles Police Department but also California Department of Corrections, Petaluma Police (one of my alums) and others.


We writers love all our characters. Sometimes the most troublesome child can be a secret favorite. Is there one character you find especially troublesome, and are they your favorite? What makes you love them? Or do you wish they had never wriggled into your book? 

Raymond Cavanaugh showed up in the third Nick and Meredith Mystery, With Malice Aforethought. At first, he was a minor addition to complicate the plot. Then my husband and my critique group told me I needed to spend more time with him. He’s an interesting character because he’s much older than Nick and Meredith yet held his own, actually saving Nick at one point. He returned in book four, Felony Murder Rule, and as I plot the next book, I want more of Raymond Cavanaugh.

Can you give us an example of a piece of research for a book that you especially enjoyed doing? Why was it so much fun? 

I loved the research for Intent to Hold. It is primarily set in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I love Mexico and its people. When I traveled there, I couldn’t get enough of the jungle countryside, the dusty city streets of Bucerias, and the distinctive honor system that is woven into the fabric of their society. Once I returned home, I used Google Earth extensively for Nick and Meredith’s travels. 

One time, I slid on our icy driveway and under my date’s car as he waited to open the door. Do you have an embarrassing story you’d be willing to share? 

In 2012, I placed third in the Public Safety Writers Association’s Writing Contest unpublished novel for Probable Cause (renamed By Force or Fear). I was new to the contest although I’d been a member off and on since 1999. When I got my certificate in the mail, it was made out to “Thornie Hevron”. After all these years of with an odd first name, it didn’t bother me. The contest coordinator caught it later and sent me a corrected copy, but I’ve saved that darn “Thornie” in case I ever get a big head. It’s not really embarrassing but it was a humbling moment. 

If you could hang out with one of your characters, which would you choose, and what would you do? 

One of my favorite characters is Nick Reyes, half of the protagonist team in the Nick and Meredith series. He’s comprised of two people: a dear friend with whom I worked for ten years. He was a law enforcement officer with an incredible moral code that inspired me. We’re still friends. The other half is one of my favorite people on the planet, my husband. We’re going on thirty-three years married this September. I couldn’t do what I do without him. Both men have the same kind of sense of humor and honor system. They’re still friends today. 

What would we do? I’m not sure, but I know if I stood still very long, Nick would motivate me to move!

What is your favorite word or phrase that serves as a substitute for swearing? 

Jesus, Mary and Joseph—I’m a Catholic school girl. I heard that plenty while I was growing up. It helps me avoid cussing!

Out of the books you have written, which is your favorite, and why? 

This is like asking which of your children do you like best? I think that Intent to Hold is my favorite. The research was so fun the book almost wrote itself. I also had ramped up the tension between Nick and Meredith and love the conflict.

Felony Murder Rule came out December 31, 2020, available in print on Amazon (or your local bookstore) and on Kindle. It is the third in the Nick and Meredith Mysteries. I am planning and researching for book five, but the details are a bit fuzzy. Check back later for more progress on my website, thoniehevron.com


On Amazon print copy, Felony Murder Rule

On Kindle, Felony Murder Rule 


Here are links for Thonie’s other books: 

On Amazon, By Force or Fear

On Amazon, Intent to Hold

On Amazon, With Malice Aforethought

Thank you for dropping by, Thonie. Looking forward to book five in the Nick and Meredith series. 

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After trying her hand at various jobs including telemarketer for a funeral home, Jacqueline Vick combined satirical humor and the quirks of her ginger mutt to create the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic mysteries. In addition to mystery novels, she is the author of numerous novellas, short stories, screenplays and articles.


  1. Great visiting both websites this evening. Great interview, Thonie, I’m a Catholic school girl, too, and Jesus, Mary, and Joseph was often used around me… seems like eons ago now! Enjoyed this post a lot!

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