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Shakespeare and Hathaway Review: A Great Television Program

I literally stumbled across this British televised mystery one evening, and my happiness levels skyrocketed. 

Veteran actors Mark Benton (Frank Hathaway) and Jo Joyner (Luella Shakespeare) meet in the first mystery when Lu, a hairdresser, suspects her wealthy fiancee may be cheating on her.  Enter Frank, the detective she goes to for help. Without giving everything away, by the end, Lu, who has money, agrees to back Frank’s detective agency as long as she gets to be his partner. The agency is located in Stratford-on-Avon, naturally. 

And then there is the fabulous Patrick Walshe McBride who plays their assistant, Sebastian. Actor McBride is spot-on as his droll actor character killing time working for the agency, and Sebastian gets to stretch his acting talents each time they send him undercover. The results are hilarious. 

There are also several regulars I love, including Amber Aga as DI Marlowe, Tomos Eames as DS Joe Keeler, and Roberta Taylor as Sebastian’s landlady, Gloria.

The mysteries might not be Christie at her best, but they are fun, light-hearted, and will leave you with a smile, which is how I judge most television programs today. Do I feel the need to shower when I turn off the set? Not for me. 

I heard in an interview with the actors that this program plays during the day in England. Not a coveted spot, but as long as it keeps on playing, I’m happy. 

They are filming 10 episodes to show in 2020 and 2021. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that is just the beginning!

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