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Family Matters - Wilder Women Book #1


What’s Christmas without a little murder?

Roxanne Wilder returns to Wilton, IL, after her sister, Vanessa, is injured in an unfortunate bicycle/pickup truck collision. Life in Wilton is never simple. Vanessa is experiencing mood swings that would frighten a marine, and Roxanne’s mother, Deanna, is involved in yet another class at WACKED (Wilton Adult Center for Knowledge and Education). When the local accountant is murdered at the Historic Christmas Walk, Deanna thinks it’s the perfect time to put her “Criminal Psychology & You” textbook to use. It’s all Roxanne can do to keep her mother from becoming the next victim. FAMILY MATTERS is a comedic romp through a Midwestern town with three women who wouldn’t exchange cell phone numbers if they weren’t related.

Short Stories

Roxanne Wilder is spending Christmas in Wilton, Illinois, with her family. She agrees to help the Women’s Guild Decorating Committee prepare for the senior holiday luncheon at the Old Hall, but when the women are snowed in, they have more to worry about than claustrophobia. Annie Verona’s gigantic ruby ring is missing, and the dreadful diva is pointing an accusatory finger at each member of the committee. Was the ring really stolen? Or did Annie simply lose her bauble among the mistletoe decorations during the few times she condescended to help out? Roxanne has until the snow plow shows up to figure out who did the crime, or reputations will suffer.

Special Delivery

When someone strangles the life out of cantankerous postal employee Abigail Watts, Deanna Wilder is certain that an odd phrase uttered by the victim on the day of her death holds the key to solving Abigail’s murder. Unfortunately for her daughters, Roxanne and Vanessa, Deanna turns the investigation into a family affair.