Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Books

Barking Mad at Murder - Book 1

In this debut novel of her Pet Psychic series, Jacqueline Vick combines mystery, romance, and the disturbing thoughts of many furry friends in a story that will have you laughing out loud.

Frankie Chandler is a pet psychic. At least that’s how she bills her services. Her “telepathic abilities” actually come to her via animal behavior books and her ability to cold read people, a skill that she learned from her tarot card-reading Aunt Gertrude, a.k.a. Madame Guinevere. Then Sandy, a Golden Retriever, blows through Frankie’s mental barrier and shows her an image she’ll never forget.

Sandy witnessed a murder, and he needs Frankie’s help. When the killer begins to tie up loose ends, Frankie struggles to use her new talent to convince the frightened dog to reveal the whole story before it’s too late…for both of them!

A Bird's Eye View of Murder - Book 2

In this second installment of Jacqueline Vick’s Pet Psychic series, Frankie Chandler’s flaky Aunt Gertrude becomes the prime suspect after the newly appointed (and newly dead) Blue-Ribbon Queen turns out to be Auntie’s former rival in love and baking. Does a cranky cockatoo hold the key?

Frankie Chandler is feeling frazzled. Ever since the night she lost her ability to communicate with animals (and wound up reading the minds of two potential dates), things have gone downhill. Clients aren’t flocking to her new animal behavior business, and her love life is as dry as the Arizona desert. To top it off, Frankie’s assertive Aunt Gertrude is in town to attend the premiere of Blue Ribbon Babes, the Baking Channel’s latest show. When Frankie and Auntie stumble over the body of the newly appointed Blue Ribbon Queen, the police suspect that Auntie knows more about the victim than she’s admitting. The only witness to the murder is an unfriendly cockatoo that’s obsessed with cats. Frankie scrambles to revive her talent for talking to animals before the police arrest Aunt Gertrude, but the more she find out about the victim, the more she wonders if Auntie is guilty.

An Almost Purrfect Murder - Book 3

In this third installment of Jacqueline Vick’s Pet Psychic series, Frankie Chandler is forced to approach a group of performing cats to find the key to their master’s untimely death. Even more surprising than helpful cats is the appearance of several men from Frankie’s past, and one of them is after her heart.

Frankie Chandler’s best friend, Penny, is getting married, which spells the end of Frankie’s social life. To make matters worse, the wedding will take place on an Alaskan cruise ship – or as Frankie calls it, a floating deathtrap. All she can think about is the icy, black water below, at least until shipboard entertainer Marvelous Marv falls to his death. The verdict is accident. Marv must have tripped over one of his performing cats while taking them for an evening walk. When one of the kitties sends Frankie an image that suggests murder, she finds help solving the crime from two surprise passengers: former murder suspect Sonny Street and one-time potential date, Detective Martin Bowers.

And now for the shorts

Pekingese Premonition

When reluctant pet psychic Frankie Chandler receives images of an elderly neighbor’s unnatural demise via that woman’s pet Pekingese, she wonders who could possibly want a harmless old woman dead. Even more curious, how is the dog able to send her details on a death that hasn’t yet happened? And can she stop the murder in time? Novella.

Trouble with Turkeys

Bowers and Frankie are finally dating, but they are about to hit their first real obstacle–Thanksgiving dinner. Can their new relationship hold out against a handsome farmer, a turkey infatuated with ducks, and the horror of candied yams? Not to mention a toy store riot and the mysterious happenings at the Good Morning Bakery. Only time will tell.


Bowers and Frankie are about to experience their first St. Valentine’s Day as a couple.

With her favorite steak awaiting her at La Hacienda Chop House, what could go wrong? When a service dog walks through the door giving off very bad vibes, Frankie’s sure the evening isn’t going to go as planned.

Kitty Christmas Caper

A Frankie Chandler, Pet Psychic short story. It’s Frankie’s first Christmas in Arizona, and holiday cheer is proving evasive. She misses her family, she misses snow, and with best friend Penny taking part in a production of “Scrooge”, she’s forced to attend rehearsals to offer morale support. When she finds an abandoned kitten on the doorstep of U Behave, her animal behavior business, Frankie reluctantly uses her psychic abilities to peek inside Kitty’s head. A mistake. Were those noises and screams the result of a horrible accident? Or murder? It’s an uphill battle to find the young kitten’s mother and discover the terrible fate of her pet parents.