Father McAllister Mysteries

An Unhealthy Attachment

In this first Father McAllister mystery, Jacqueline Vick creates a Father Brown for the modern age. 

After the exorcism in Cherry Valley goes terribly wrong, Father Gerald “Mac” McAllister is left with bad memories and a secret he doesn’t dare reveal””a demonic attachment that he can’t seem to banish. Pulled off his exorcist duties, McAllister has been reassigned to provide religious instruction at an all-girl high school under the watchful eye of Mother Margaret Dunnahoo. If life isn’t complicated enough, McAllister stumbles across the murdered corpse of the school’s art instructor during Open House Weekend. It’s hard to decide which worries him most: the suspicious lead detective, the increasingly dangerous demon, or the nonexistent spiritual lives of his teenage students. Something is bound to give, and when it does, McAllister fears all Hell will break loose.