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The Body Guy - Evan Miller Book #1


In this first Evan Miller mystery, Jacqueline Vick surrounds her reclusive hero with nosy neighbors, an old flame, and a colorful cast of suspects. A perfect place for a murder!

Los Angeles crime reporter Evan Miller prefers life as a loner. Since the closest he has to an intimate relationship is the occasional conversation with a source, it hasn’t been a problem. Until now. A kindly aunt whom he hasn’t seen in years leaves Evan her home, and when he upsets powerful men in the Los Angeles Police Department, the small, Midwestern town of Settler’s Ridge sounds like the perfect hideaway. Once there, the reclusive Evan finds himself trapped with a talkative teenager in a neighborhood overrun with inquisitive AARP members, and thing are about to get worse. The corpse of local bad boy Andrew Robinson is discovered floating in his pool, and his geriatric neighbors may hold the key to the mystery. In order to find the killer, Evan will have to brush up on his social skills.

Short Stories

The Mystery of the White Revelation

If only Mrs. Battencourt’s diamond necklace hadn’t disappeared, then she’d still be willing to make a donation to MGC Middle School. Teacher Sheila Baker only knows one person nosy enough to track down the lost gems, and crime reporter Evan Miller is happy for the chance to get back into Sheila’s good graces.