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Queens of Mystery is a Keeper – A Review

I’ve been so happy lately, and it partially has to do with the gems I’ve been finding on Acorn and Britbox. The latest is Queens of Mystery.

The premise is a young woman police officer gets help solving mysteries from her three mystery-writing aunties.  Of course it’s more complex than that. Matilda Stone (Olivia Vinall) lost her mother in mysterious circumstances when she was a child. She was raised by three aunts. Her desire for answers leads her to join the police, and she returns to her childhood home of Wildmarsh as a Detective Sergeant. 

While she’s busy crime-solving with the help of her interfering aunts, it becomes apparent that there is one mystery her aunts won’t help her solve, and that’s the disappearance of her mother. 

There’s also some light romance that’s naturally messed up with frustrating miscommunications.

My favorite part of this series is the way it’s told. The off-screen narrator (Matilda’s mother, perhaps?) sets down the action as if it were a fairy tale. We hear the dramatic thoughts of some characters, which is vastly different than the words that come out of their mouths.

As always with a British show, there are so many familiar and well-loved faces, including those of her aunts, played by Siobhan Redmond, Julie Graham, and Sarah Woodward.  (Loved the cameo by Francis Barber!)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this series comes back.

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After trying her hand at various jobs including telemarketer for a funeral home, Jacqueline Vick combined satirical humor and the quirks of her ginger mutt to create the Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic mysteries. In addition to mystery novels, she is the author of numerous novellas, short stories, screenplays and articles.

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