The Case of the Cooked Goose: Second Edition


In the beginning, before Civility Rules, there was The Case of the Cooked Goose.

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What led entrepreneur Nicholas Harlow to accept the position as secretary to the author of the Aunt Civility etiquette books, especially when that author is his overbearing brother, Edward? 

It all began with The Case of the Cooked Goose. This newly revised short mystery reveals the details on how two brothers – their personalities poles apart – bonded over murder. A prequel to the novel Civility Rules.

The only reason Nicholas Harlow accompanies his brother, Edward, to the Deer Stalker Hotel is because he’s out of options. Having lost everything to his unscrupulous business partner, he’s broke, homeless, and spiraling into depression. Edward promises him a relaxing (and, more to point, free) weekend away from his troubles. Sammy Spade, the former hackneyed star of the erroneously named children’s show, the Grandpa Goose and Grandma Gander Hour, has the lead role in the hotel’s production of “Eddie and Mary”, a comedy based on Edward Hyde and Mary Reilly of Jekyll and Hyde fame. When Sammy drops dead from arsenic poisoning at the beginning of the first act, Nicholas becomes the main suspect. The brothers form an uncomfortable alliance to search for a killer among the large group of people who are happy Sammy is dead, including one ex-wife, an ambitious understudy, and a front desk receptionist who is either in mourning or suffering from a horrendous case of allergies.