An Almost Purrfect Murder


Frankie Chandler Pet Psychic Book #3

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In this third installment of Jacqueline Vick’s Pet Psychic series, Frankie Chandler is forced to approach a group of performing cats to find the key to their master’s untimely death. Even more surprising than helpful cats is the appearance of several men from Frankie’s past, and one of them is after her heart.

Frankie Chandler’s best friend, Penny, is getting married, which spells the end of Frankie’s social life. To make matters worse, the wedding will take place on an Alaskan cruise ship – or as Frankie calls it, a floating deathtrap. All she can think about is the icy, black water below, at least until shipboard entertainer Marvelous Marv falls to his death. The verdict is accident. Marv must have tripped over one of his performing cats while taking them for an evening walk. When one of the kitties sends Frankie an image that suggests murder, she finds help solving the crime from two surprise passengers: former murder suspect Sonny Street and one-time potential date, Detective Martin Bowers.