Mystery Buffs Downloads

Welcome! I occasionally send free digital downloads (not the novellas) to Mystery Buffs. You’ll find them here. 

Way back when, I wrote my very first newsletter.  I wanted readers to meet the animals behind the novels.  Here it is! Be gentle. I was still learning. Just click on the image and enjoy!

Feeling bored? Have a family scavenger hunt for fun, frivolity, and laughs. (Sounds like you’ve stepped into a Doris Day movie, doesn’t it?)

Here is your Stay at Home Bingo card!

Download your card. (It’s a pdf file.) Print it if you like. Then complete each square until you hit BINGO! Type BINGO in the comment section of the post announcing the game which will be pinned to the top of the posts. Complete extra tasks to increase you’re score. At the end of the game, send me your total score. I’ll verify it, and the top four spots will win a prize!